Member Management Regulations

Korean Academy of Dental Science manages Member Associations in accordance with Article 6 of the by laws. Member Associations are recommended by the academic committee and deliberated by the board of directors in accordance with Article 2 of the Approval Regulations of the Korean Dental Association. Please refer to the following information and submit the required documents to the Academic Committee of the Korean Dental Association.

Member Management Regulations

Enacted: 2019. 03. 27
Revised: 2019. 10. 23
Article 1 (Purpose)

This regulation aims to stipulate matters pertaining to member management pursuant to Articles 5, 6, 7 and 8 of the Articles of the Korean Academy of Dental Science (hereinafter referred to as the Articles of Association).

Article 2 (Committee)

The Academic Division Review and Evaluation Committee is established for member management in Article 1 of this regulation.

Article 3 (Classification)

Member Associations that are classified per issue.

1. Subsidiary Association : The term "Subsidiary Association" encompasses the following academic societies:
  • ① Academic Associations that specialize in academics established as courses in more than half of the nationwide dental colleges and dental graduate schools
  • ② Academic Associations dealing with academic fields recognized as an independent dental field
  • ③ Academic Associations dealing with academic fields for which professional qualifications are recognized
2. Convergent Associations: Convergent Association refers to the following Associations:
  • ① Academic Associations dealing with academic or clinical fields which includes three or more specialized fields of dentistry
  • ② Academic Associations dealing with disciplines that are fused with other disciplines such as medicine, engineering, and biology
3. Sub-divisional Associations: A Sub-divisional Association is an Association that falls under each of the following issues.
  • ① Academic Associations dealing with academics or clinical fields derived or developed from specialized fields of dentistry
Article 4 (Membership Fees)

Members of the Association shall comply with the obligation to pay the dues under Article 6, Paragraph 1, and specific matters shall be stipulated separately.

Article 5 (Recommendation)

This conference is recommended as a member of the academic committee of the Korean Dental Association.

Article 6 (Conversion of Academic Association)
  • ① Subsidiary Association can apply for conversion to a Sub-division or Convergent Association.
  • ② As a result of the evaluation pursuant to Article 8 of this regulation, the Association has been approved as a Subsidiary Association, but if it does not meet the qualifications as a Subsidiary Association, it may switch to a Sub-division or Convergent Association.
  • ③ The Association has an Academic Division Review and Evaluation Committee, which can annually evaluate whether or not the qualifications of the Subsidiary Association, Sub-division Association or Convergent Association are met.
Article 7 ( Academic Division Review and Evaluation Committee)
① The composition of this committee is in principle to consist of five persons assigned for duty including two persons with one vice-president and one academic director taken from among the executives of the association. Composed as follows.
  • 1. One Chairperson (Vice-President)
  • 2. One Administrator (Director of Seicentific affairs)
  • 3. Three deliberation committee members (Directors)
  • 4. Two evaluation committee members (recommended by the relevant major Association)
② The term of office of the members is the same as that of the executives of this meeting
③ The committee is established with a majority attendance and a decision is made with the approval of a majority of the attendance.
④ The committee's work is as follows.
  • 1. Convening, holding, and operating meetings
  • 2. Collection of quarterly report and periodic report data pursuant to Article 6.
  • 3. Matters concerning the evaluation of the quarterly and regular reports of each Academic Division
  • 4. Matters concerning the qualification, conversion, activities, and designation of the Subsidiary, Sub-divisional, and Convergent Associations.
⑤ The chairperson reports the results of evaluation by the committee to the board of directors of this association in accordance with Article 6 (Members Obligations).
Article 8 (Academic Activity Evaluation)
  • ① Every year, members' academic activities are evaluated to promote members development.
  • ② It is evaluated by the committee in accordance with Article 6, section 2 (Member Obligation), the evaluation of academic activities is conducted by receiving quarterly reports and annual reports from members, and the results are reviewed in the Academic Division.
  • ③ Members who do not submit quarterly and regular reports within the deadline may be excluded from evaluation and may be given a warning.
  • ④ Members who fail to submit quarterly reports or regular reports more than three times may be subject to disciplinary action pursuant to Article 8 (Disciplinary Measure for Members).
  • ⑤ The criteria for evaluation of academic activities are as shown in Table 1 (Attached) or Table 2 (Attached).
  • ⑥ If the result of academic activity evaluation is found to be too low, the member may be given a warning. If the warning is accumulated three times, it may be referred to the board of directors and the member may be subject to disciplinary action.
  • ⑦ The Academic Division Review and Evaluation Committee may request a change of the name (Korean, English) after evaluating the name of a non-member Association when applying for a new subscription as a subsidiary, referring to the relevant opinions of the major Association.
Article 9 (Award)
  • ① This association is able to give awards to members selected based on the evaluation of academic activities.
  • ② The Academic Division Awards shall be divided into one Grand Prize and three Excellence Prizes (less than /more than 300 members or less than /more than 800 members). However, the number of Academic Division Awards may change depending on the results of the examination.
  • ③ Awards are recommended by the Academic Division Review and Evaluation Committee and finally decided by the association’s board of directors, and the awards ceremony is held at the annual general meeting.
  • ④ Prize money can be paid to members who are eligible for the award.
Article 10 (Others Items)

Matters or issues that are not specified in this regulation are subject to the resolution of the board of directors.

Supplementary Provisions
  • 1. (Effective date) This regulation shall begin being enforced as of the date of approval by the board of directors.
  • 2. (Transitional Measures) In accord with Article 3 of this regulation, an Association that is a member prior to the enactment of this regulation is regarded as a Subsidiary Association.

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