Publication Regulations


Article 1 (Purpose)

This regulation is intended to stipulate all matters necessary for the submission, review, editing, and publication of the manuscript (paper) in the publication of the "Journal of Korean Dental Science".

Article 2 (Supervision)

The editorial board is in charge of the review, editing and publication of the papers submitted to this journal.

Article 3 (Publishing Method)

This Journal is published Biannually. The publication date is regularly published on June 30th and December 31st, and the publication of other special issues is decided by the editorial board.

Article 4 Manuscript Submission

Papers can be submitted at any time, and must be submitted to the editorial board 40 days prior to publication. Papers must comply with the guidelines for submitting academic papers to this journal.

Article 5 Publication Article Type

Papers to be published in this journal are classified into original articles directly/indirectly related to dentistry, clinical case reports, review articles, and other general papers submitted by individual members.

Article 6 (Publication Principles)

In principle, the editorial board examines the academic significance, logic, creativity, and ethics of the submitted paper and publishes the manuscript that has passed the review.

Article 7 (Submission Method)

Anyone who wishes to publish a manuscript in this journal should write the manuscript (paper) in strict compliance with the rules for submission of the English Journal, and then submit the manuscript to the editorial board.
Personal information should not be included in the paper body. While in principle the papers must be submitted by post, however it is permissible to submit them via email.

Article 8 Review Method

Papers submitted to this journal are reviewed by the editorial board in accordance with the review regulations.

Article 9 (Copyright Transfer)

With respect to copyright, the Korean Academy of Dental Sciences owns all publications in the content, diagrams and figures of the paper.
All authors must submit a written consent form (application for publication of the manuscript/paper in the Journal of the Korean Dental Association), and the author will be recognized as having approved the publication of the manuscript when the copyright of the manuscript is transferred to the Association.

Article 10 (Others Specifics)

Other matters not specified in this regulation shall be decided by the editorial board.

Supplementary Provisions (Implementation Date)

This regulation is effective as of September 10, 2009.