Greeting Address

  • The Korean Academy of Dental Science was founded in 2002. This was done after the establishment of the Working Committee of the Korean Dental Association in order to promote the development of dentistry in Korea through organic solidarity of professional dental organizations. I would like to express my sincere gratitude and respect to the Korean Academy of Dental Sciences and all of its executives and members, including the chairperson who has overcome numerous difficulties and hardships since the inception of this Academy.

    The Korean Academy of Dental Sciences was expanded in 2017 to a corporation with the approval of the Ministry of Health and Welfare with the purpose of engaging in dental education and research development, research activities for oral health and medical policies, evaluation and provision of dental information, training in dentistry, support and cooperation in testing by dentists, to foster support of and exchange by dental researchers, publication of dental journals, and for interdisciplinary exchanges.

  • Currently, the major projects of the Korean Academy of Dental Science include publication of the Journal of the Korean Academy of Dental Science, the academic activity evaluation project of 35 accredited member societies, the promotion of member societies and support for the publication of member societies’ research, the Korean Academy of Dental Science academic awards, and the academic terminology of dentistry. It is also engaged in the establishment of projects, standard clinical practice guideline development research projects for dentistry, international academic conferences and national dental conferences, planning seminars, public promotion poster production and distribution, medical disputes and academic advice. Also academic exchanges and cooperation projects with the Japanese Academy of Dental Medicine, Vietnam Dental Association, Mongolian Dental Association and other international academic organizations. This extends to the website and webzine management project of the academic Association, matters related to dentist specialist examinations, the establishment and amendment of the dental disability evaluation criteria, the regular board of directors and the regular general meeting, and so forth.

    As the 7th President of Korean Academy of Dental Science, I will continue with the projects that have been carried out and developed by my predecessors, and will continue to reflect the unique purpose of our Association. We will strengthen our capabilities to develop new areas in the field of dentistry, to support academic events and the academic Journal of the Korean Academy of Dental Science, we will also work to form a consultative body for editors of dental journals, to support the establishment of a national dental research institute, to support research activities of young dentists, to develop the number of dental insurances, and to develop new medical technology. We will pursue growth based on trust and coexistence with professional societies affiliated with the Korean Academy of Dental Science, conduct education in a dental academy, actively support the projects of professional associations, and present evidence-based dental guidelines. We will also strive for the internationalization of Korean Academy of Dental Science through expansion of exchanges with other professional organizations both domestically and globally. Further we will continue establishing our presence as the best professional organization in Dentistry to strengthen our status, and to ensure rational operation of Korean Academy of Dental Science as a corporation. Further, as a corporation and in order to strengthen the capabilities of this Association, we will systematically prepare for the dental research project of government agencies, form a consensus with the dental industry, and serve as a stepping stone for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

  • The 20th Anniversary of the Korean Academy of Dental Science’s founding will be in 2022. We are grateful to the affiliated member societies/associations for their generous support. The Korean Academy of Dental Science is a corporation that further develops through the active participation, communication and harmony of professional member societies/ associations. We ask for the cooperation and support of member societies and organizations related to dentistry for the mutual benefit of all.

  • April, 2020
    Chul-Hwan Kim, 7th President of Korean Academy of Dental Science