Research Ethics Regulations

  • 1. This regulation aims to present the basic principles in accordance with the Korean Academy of Dental Science Research Ethics Regulations which necessary for publication in academic journals.

  • 2. It prevents infringement of human dignity and values or harm the human body and it ensures bioethics and safety in life science and technology. Thereby, life science and technology can be developed and used for the prevention and treatment of human diseases. We aim to contribute to the improvement of the health and quality of life of the people by creating conditions that exist.

  • 3. Herein, the term “biomedical research” refers to a test or research conducted on humans and a study that includes personal information of individuals, including genetic testing and genetic research, embryo research, epidemiology, survey research, it also includes medication. It further includes medical devices, radiotherapeutics, surgery, medical records, and biological sample research.

  • 4. Necessary policies must be prepared by researchers to effectively cope with problems related to bioethics and safety that may arise in the process of developing and using dentistry and life science technology.

  • 5. Suitability for bioethics and safety should be examined by anyone who intends to conduct research, develop, use dentistry, life science and technology therefore researchers should endeavor to ensure that life science and technology do not infringe on human dignity and values.

  • 6. Clinical research should completely protect the patient's personal information, and the publication of the paper may be canceled if it is determined that the paper published in the journal is invading the privacy of the patient.