Review Regulations

Journal of Korean Dental Science Review Regulations

Enactment: September 10, 2009
First amendment: March 19, 2021
Second amendment: December 8, 2023

Article 1 (Purpose)

This regulation establishes fair review criteria by specifying the review procedures for the manuscripts submitted for publication in the Journal of Korean Dental Science of the Korean Academy of Dental Science (hereinafter referred to as the “Society”).

Article 2 (Subjects of Review)
  • 1. Title: Conciseness and logical reflection of the manuscript’s content
  • 2. Abstract: Purpose of the manuscript’s content, appropriateness of the topic, and length (within 250 words in English)
  • 3. Introduction and Theoretical Background: Research background and purpose, clarity of research observations, the extent of the literature review and the association of cited studies with the main text, theoretical background, and the connection between the research problem(s) and purpose
  • 4. Materials and Methods: Research materials and methods, suitability of problem-solving, reliability of research methods, appropriateness of data analysis methods
  • 5. Results and Discussion: Clarity of the results of the research analysis, sufficiency of data reporting, accuracy of data, logic of the interpretation of results, connection between the research problem(s) and conclusion, contribution and potential utilization of the research results
  • 6. References: Accuracy, up-to-dateness, appropriateness, suitability of formatting

Article 3 (Review Process)
  • 1. The submitted manuscript is reviewed by three or more reviewers who are appointed by the editorial board.
  • 2. Three or more reviewers who are experts in the relevant field are appointed by the editorial board. They conduct reviews in accordance with Article 3 of this regulation and submit the review reports to the editorial board.
  • 3. The editorial board may request a person appointed as a reviewer to submit a list of research achievements for the past 3 years if necessary to ensure an impartial appointment of reviewers.
  • 4. The review report shall contain the title of the submitted manuscript, an overview of the review, suitability according to the review regulations, and general comments.

Article 4 (Review Method)
  • 1. The authors of the manuscript to be reviewed shall be anonymized.
  • 2. Reviewers cannot review their own manuscripts.
  • 3. A person who has the same affiliation as a contributor to the manuscript cannot be appointed as a reviewer.
  • 4. Reviewers determine the review result as one of the following and report it to the editorial board.
    • ① Publication without revisions
    • ② Publication with revisions
    • ③ Re-review after revisions
    • ④ Reject
  • 5. If the review results fall under Subparagraphs 2, 3, or 4 of Paragraph 4, reviewers shall explain the specific reasons in the review report.
  • 6. If reviewers report different results, the majority opinion will be applied.
  • 7. If one or more reviewers recommend rejection, the manuscript will be rejected.
  • 8. The editorial board determines whether to publish each submitted manuscript based on the reviewers’ opinions. The quorum of the editorial board shall be the majority of the members in attendance, and the quorum for determining whether to publish submitted manuscripts shall be a majority of members present.
  • 9. A manuscript may be determined as having a high level of similarity by the reviewer’s judgment based on the similarity report.

Article 5 (Notification of Review Results and Confidentiality)
  • 1. The Editor-in-Chief must individually notify the authors of each submitted manuscript regarding the review results.
  • 2. The contributor who is requested to revise the manuscript must resubmit the manuscript with revisions within 14 days from the date of notification.
  • 3. A contributor who objects to the revision request can raise an objection within 14 days from the date of notification. The editorial board judges the adequacy of the objection and determines whether to publish the manuscript or not.
  • 4. Reviewers of each submitted manuscript must keep confidentiality in all matters related to review.

Article 6 (Plagiarism)

If there is a dispute regarding plagiarism of the submitted manuscript, the “Journal of Korean Dental Science Ethics Regulations” shall be followed.

Article 7 (Amendment)

This regulation can be amended through a resolution of the Board of Directors of the Society.

Supplementary Provisions

This regulation will take effect on December 8, 2023.