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Enactment: 2004.12.21
Revision History: 2006.01.09
Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of this regulation is to stipulate all matters related to the Yeonsong Dental Medicine(Dentistry) Awards established by the Korean Academy of Dental Science and which is sponsored by SHIN HUNG

Article 2 (Prize Name)

The name of this award is called "Yeonsong (蓮松) Dentistry Award".

Article 3 (Award Category)

The Yeonsong Dentistry Awards are divided into “Grand Prize”, “Yeonsong Award”, and “Dentistry Awards”. (Revised September 12, 2018)

Article 4 (Number of Awardees)

The winners will be 1 person each for "Grand Prize", "Yeonsong Award" and "Dentistry Award". (Revised September 12, 2018)

Article 5 (Award Targets and Qualifications)

Candidates for the award must have Korean nationality, must be engaged in dental research, and have fulfilled their obligations pursuant to the articles of association of the Korean Dental Association (hereinafter referred to as the 'Association'"the Association"). Selected as the first author or a corresponding author who has published one paper. (Revised September 12, 2018)

Article 6 Judging Method
  • ① Candidates for the award shall be selected as those with remarkable achievements (number of editions) of papers published as the first author or corresponding author in SCI journals and SCIE international journals for the last three years before the announcement of the award. (Revised 2018.9.12)
  • ② The point awarding method is as follows. (Revised September 12, 2018)
    -SCI per paper (1 point)
    -SCIE (1 point)
    -Apply weight for each section of IF (Impact Factor)
  • ③ The subject is evaluated by calculating the sum of the number of papers and their IF (Impact Factor). (Revised September 12, 2018)
  • ④ Yeonsong Award (Basic) and Dentistry Award (Clinical) are evaluated only by the number of papers published by SCI and SCIE. (Revised September 12, 2018)
  • ⑤ In the case of multiple first authors or corresponding authors, the paper score is divided by the number of authors and is calculated accordingly. (Revised September 12, 2018)
  • ⑥ Among papers submitted by the candidate, the co-authors will be excluded from the review. (Revised September 12, 2018)
  • ⑦ Even if it is a paper in a SCI or SCIE journal, it may be excluded from the review according to the Review Committee’s determined qualitative evaluation of the paper. (Revised September 12, 2018)
  • ⑧ If the total score results in a tie, the candidate with the high IF (Impact Factor) of the representative paper and the candidate with the largest number of first authors will be selected first. (Revised September 12, 2018)
  • ⑨ Grand prize winners are limited to receiving the award once in their lifetime, and recipients of the Yeonsong and Dentistry Awards can be recommended as candidates for the award again after 7 years. (Revised September 12, 2018)
  • ⑩ Other matters necessary for eligibility will be determined separately. (Revised September 12, 2018)

Article 7 (Recommendation of Candidate)

Candidates for the award must submit a letter of recommendation from the head of their institution or the head of the Academic Division, a list of papers (author, title, place of publication, number of pages, year) and paper files. (Revised September 12, 2018)

Article 8 (Receiving of Recommendation Letter)

It is announced in December of every year and the nomination letter is received within two months.

Article 9 (Composition of the Judging Committee
  • ① The Judging Committee consists of 7 members including 2 Vice-Presidents (including the Chairman of the Dental Association), General Affairs Director, Academic Director, Director of Training Examinations, and 2 members recommended by SHIN HUNG.
  • ② The term of office of the members of the Judging Committee is the term of an executive in the Association.

Article 10 (Deciding of Winners)

The winners are finalized by the board of the Academy of Dentistry (board of directors?) at the recommendation of the Judging Committee and reported to the general meeting(assembly?) of the Association and notified to the board of the (Korean Dental) association.

Article 11 (Awards Conferral)

A plaque and prize money are conferred to the winners.

Article 12 (Date and Place of Award)

Awards are separately determined by the Association every year.

Article 13 (Judging Fee Payment)

A predetermined fee is paid to the members of the Judging Committee.

Article 14 (Applicable Bylaws)

Other matters and issues which are not specified in this regulation may be determined separately according to general regulations and the resolution of the Review Committee.

Supplementary Provisions
  • 1. (Effective date) This regulation shall be enforced from the date of joint signature by Korean Academy of Dental Science and SHIN HUNG.
  • 2. This regulation shall be implemented from the date of approval by the board of directors of the Korean Academy of Dental Science.
  • 3. According to the conditions of the clauses in Article 5 of this regulation, for “A person who has published one paper as the first author or corresponding author in the Journal of the Korean Academy of Dental Sciences or the Korean Academy of Dental Sciences English Journal for the last three years immediately before the announcement of recommendation” It applies from the applicable fiscal year.